The Monash Taekwondo Demonstration team is made up of dedicated and hard-working university students who work to exhibit the skill, strength and passion of taekwondo and spread knowedge of the Korean sport. Stemming from the Monash Taekwondo Club, the team trains hard each week to build their skills.

Their performances not only aim to demonstrate the brilliance of taekwondo as a sport and as an art, but also for the entertainment of their audience. From beginner level (white belt) to advanced (black belt), students train together, working on their individual skills in order to grow together as a team. Our team engages in poomsae patterns to board breaking, displaying our passion for taekwondo; and thus, wish that you come to support our demonstration and see our work in action. We, the Monash Taekwondo demonstration team hope that you enjoy our efforts; and we welcome any questions or enquiries which can be expressed to us in person.