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 Wednesday, 2 May 2007
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Public Open Space Contribution  Printer Friendly

Under the Subdivision Act 1988, Council may require an applicant to provide public open space. This can be done by:
 Setting aside land for public open space, OR
 Paying a percentage of the site value of all the land, to be used to purchase or improve public open spaces, OR
 A combination of the above.

We'll generally assess the amount of open space required as between 3% and 5% and as a general rule:
 a 3 lot subdivision generates a 3% contribution,
 a 4 lot subdivision generates a 4% contribution, and
 a 5 lot subdivision or greater generates a 5% contribution.

A 2-lot subdivision may be exempt from the public open space requirement if the land cannot be further subdivided.

A valuation must be obtained from a person who holds qualifications under Section 13DA(1A) of the Valuation of Land Act 1960. Council, on lodgement of a certification application, can conduct a valuation and pass results on to the applicant.

Payment of the public open space contribution must be made before the issue of the Statement of Compliance for a subdivision. The Payment is collected by the Subdivision Officer.

If payment is not made within 12 months of the subdivision planning permit being issued, a new valuation may be requested at each anniversary of the requirement and the amount of payment varied accordingly until such time as the amount is paid.
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