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 Monday, 3 December 2012
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We're committed to waste minimisation
Kingston residents have access to a choice of kerbside waste services that include a weekly garbage collection, fortnightly recycling, optional green waste collection, an on-call tree branch collection service and an annual hard rubbish collection.

If you have a waste-related enquiry, please call Council on 1300 653 356.

Kingston’s annual waste production – how are we tracking? (kg per household per year)

Waste Collection Graph

In 2011, over 16,899 tonnes of recyclable material was collected in kerbside recycling bins in Kingston, equating to approximately 286kg per household. Recycling saves important resources such as energy and water and recyclables are made into new products that we can buy back as consumers, such as packaging, carpet fibres, glass tiles, cement, cutlery, worm farms, fridges and aeroplanes.

By recycling this amount of waste Kingston residents saved:
8,481 tonnes of CO2 emissions;
46,848 m3 of landfill space;
The equivalent of 5,120 averaged sized backyard swimming pools of water;
The equivalent of 2,037 cars permanently removed from the road.

Waste to landfill
In 2011, Kingston residents produced 29,025 tonnes of garbage, which was sent to landfill. This equates to approximately 480kg of garbage per household. While landfills represent the least preferred waste management option, it will continue to be necessary in the future to manage waste that cannot be recycled or reused (source: EPA).

You can help Council work towards its goal of achieving zero waste to landfill by:
Using a compost bin, worm farm or Bokashi bucket to compost food scraps (register to attend a free workshop on by calling EnviroCom on 9703 5288)
Using containers to store and carry food instead of plastic wrap
Refuse plastics bags when shopping and bring your own
Keeping up the great recycling efforts!

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